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Beauty - Lisa Daily

There's nothing particularly spectacular about Lisa Daily's Beauty but it's a far cry from being anything bad either.



  • The book has an overall message of beauty being only skin deep that continues to hold true in our society today.
  • Molly's friendship with Kemper felt really genuine and their fallout was believable as well as their reunion.
  • On the topic of friendship, Beauty also puts forth that not all friendships can be salvaged and might not be worth saving.



  • I feel like the book also had a message that beauty can turn you into a mean person.
  • I feel like this book really could have benefited from an extra chapter.


One of my resolutions for this year is is to start reviewing more and this is part of my attack plan. I am leaving behind Goodreads to keep this blog up. It's not hard. I never really had much of a presence on that site so saying goodbye isn't much troubling to me.


I will still use that site as sort of a backup. I'll still be using it to track some of my reading and to keep up with the reviewers I follow. But I'll be using this as my main hub now.


Here's to a good and bookful 2014.